Monday, March 19, 2018

Once upon a time ........

...... the land formerly known as Cambria, was inhabited by fierce creatures known as dragons. These vile monsters lived a lazy life in dark, dark caves. They only ventured out when hungry, when they would eat whole armies of Saxons by killing and roasting them with their dragon's breath i.e. tongues of flame. As centuries progressed and the land became known as Wales, the fierce dragon-creature became its national emblem. The Welsh Dragon (metaphorically speaking) still roars at events such as the game known as rugby, but this little baby dragon has run out of puff from being waved around on banners in the stiff breeze of late due to a weather phenomenon known as The Beast from the East.

Friday, March 17, 2017

A brave new world

...or possibly, exploring new frontiers. Welcome to another dimension to the world known as Planet Paradise. The view from my upstairs back bedroom window. How surreal is that ?

As I keep saying, ok then, repeating due to this vile condition, I  can still overcome things or as stated in previous entries, get around the stumbling blocks.
The latest is that I discovered that I can use a different browser for this . Will it work?. Who knows . Will I have achieved another 1-0 against The Master of Surprises ? Who cares? Well I DO!  I also discovered recently that I can fulfill and extend my passion for photography with these kind of shots . Simples!

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. ~ Scott Hamilton

Monday, October 10, 2016

Here I stand.....

We're never too old to learn eh ?

Today I learned that filling in a PIP form was the most demoralising thing I've done in my life.

It's like spent 25 plus years of your life bumbling, stumbling and bumping into physical hurdles. During those years you develop a way of getting around those hurdles, physically and emotionally. Somehow in the process, you  magic all the negatives  into positives. Hey presto, the next thing you know is that you've surrounded yourself in so many rainbow layers of positivity that you feel pretty good about life in general. Right ? Agreed ? Oh yeah! You're floating.  Bobbing up and down rhythmically on a wave of emotional stability just like this buoy in the water. Sunshiny.


Cunning as ever though, that old, very old, age old Master of Surprises  still has you in his grips and when the time comes to fill in that form, or should I say booklet ? (seeing as there's a whole 40 pages of it) you find yourself peeling off each comforting rainbow coloured layer, in the same way as your mam used to unpick and unravel the yarn in the rainbow coloured sweater she knitted for you  - there you stand stripped down naked  to the core of  whichever tangible 'working bits' are still intact.  

Here I stand naked in the truth of my being........

Boy or buoy indeed!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


It's a new dawn, it's a new day.....

with a lightbulb moment. Ping!  ...fizzle, fizzle .....doh! 😳

It's like this then.....I've been yearning to get back to rambling in more lyrical vein, for a good few months now. However due to cyberspace technicalities way beyond this fizzle-frazzled brain's comprehension, I was on the verge of giving up. Apparently it's to do with my laptop browser and OS system  ( still with me ? ) being incompatible with Blogger. Neither have I had the mental energy to figure out how to blog from my iPad. 

Not until this morning, that is, when you'd think that after attending  The Orange and Black Ball for Ms with its inevitable consequences of fatigue, brain fog and a few more neurons looking for their missing axons, that I suddenly discovered that I could.

Or could I ? Well kind of yes, and kind of no, but mostly a huge dollop of  WE SHALL  SEE ABOUT  THAT ! πŸ€“
I hit a stumbling block, but as a stumbler myself, I tend to gently, albeit in ungainly fashion, stagger around the block and Ping! πŸ‘ŒEure......e....can not. Doh! How to format the text ?

                                                        " Vee shall pee back " πŸ€“

Monday, April 13, 2015

It's a quacker

This is just a holding post whilst we at Planet Paradise figure how to Blog using an iPad.

Friday, October 03, 2014

After The Ball Was Over

Here at Planet Paradise we’re kind of re-grouping after the past year saw another uninvited guest into our lives. No, not the Master of Surprises, but the Big C  had been insidiously attacking Huw without any suspicion of it. Glory be to the wonders of modern surgery combined with medicine,  that that uninvited guest has been given the boot within less than a year. Life continues.


Inevitably, once the ball was over and was safely kicked into touch, that old chestnut happened – a visitation by the Master. A fleeting one, no doubt, but one which caused me to revisit old diary entries about accepting these visitations, the title of which was  initially ‘Reactive Acceptance’.  A heavily  edited version of what I once wrote….

‘I allow MS into my life on my terms, accept that it is there but put it in the ‘naughty corner’ paying it occasional lip service; keeping up the platitudes (metaphorically speaking of course). Then when MS throws a childish tantrum, I react calmly instead of fighting, because if we fight then we’re already doomed to have a label of ‘failure’ just because of the nature of the condition  – and what does that label do to us emotionally?'

So how do I react ?

I treat it as a hurdle, not one to climb over, but to be got around gently- on my own terms and my terms alone because I very much like to be in control of my life. I know me better than anyone else so  I make my own guarded but informed choices about what suits me best.
What suits me best in the aftermath of our mutual battle with a guest so vile that it doesn’t even deserve to be named, is nothing more than sleep.

At the time of writing I’ve slept a whole three nights of quality and uninterrupted sleep, eight hours at a time, and unashamedly, three whole days apart from eating, cooking and naturally my Photo a Day Project. 

I’ve already had enough now though of that malarkey and very much looking forward to next week, one where we’ll be celebrating the entry and exit out of my body, of a very real mortal-being nicknamed Worm, the wriggliest of babies but thirty years down the line, a giant of a man in very many ways.  Bring it on. ........ oh and I'll sneak a pic of him at three years old simply because I adore this one - ignore the antimacassar (another story) .....and a quote in relation  to it..

          The most beautiful moments always seemed to accelerate and slip
               beyond one’s grasp just when you want to hold onto them for
as long as possible.”― E.A. Bucchianeri

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's not for the love of the money

It’s not for the love of the money
Or those things that tear us apart,
It’s for times we can share and the times we can care
To follow an act of the heart.
And it’s not for the praise or the glory
Or those things that just fade away
It’s for   living some how in the here and the now
And facing it all day by day.

These are words by the late John Wright from the John Wright Band’s album/CD ‘Language of the Heart' which is unavailable as a web link unfortunately.

The lyrics  accompany the above pic because I had the privilege on January 15th this year of travelling to Cardiff and taking this, one of official photographs for MS Society Cymru at The Principality Building Society’s ‘handover’ as their nominated Charity of the Year. In this photo, to the front  left you’ll see the CEO of The MS Society, Michelle Mitchell with her counterpart at the Principality to her left, and to the left again a staff member who had her hair shaved to raise funds for the charity.

What happens quite often after an official photo shoot is that I rarely get to see the end product. It was with great joy however that I saw this poster in my local branch when I popped in for tickets for a local charity function – a fashion show for MS Cymru at Morriston Golf Club on Thurs.  Oct 9th.

John Wright's lyrics came alive  in my head when I saw it because the reason I do so much photography is definitely not for the praise or the glory, neither the money. The reason I do it can be read here ( scroll down to Page 5 ) of THE UK MS Register’s Newsletter where I explain it more clearly.

I received far more that day in intangible terms compared with anything I gave myself. 

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ~ St. Francis of Assissi