Sunday, March 05, 2006

Things I enjoy # 3 - Food

I love food- don't we all? In saying that, I don't necessarily mean that I love eating- of course I do, but I love to cook; I love to cook for others when my revolting and rebellious hands listen to what my de-myelinated brain tell them.I find that cooking, when not under the duress of scheduled mealtimes , a very therapeutic thing to do.

For example, if I'm upset and angry there ensues a lot of chopping and dicing of vegetables(sometimes of fingers as well); if I'm feeling calm , there's no better feeling than rubbing flour and margerine together and feeling the lightness drift ethereally through my fingertips like unexpected snowfall in springtime. It can be a very soulful experience.

This book is a compilation of my own Recipes - the name says it all. It was written by me with full colour photos by myself (except for the cover) and all proceeds from its sale go to


It costs a mere £5.50 on request from their office or from myself

Email me!

It is no regular cookbook as it contains not just Recipes but fun and jokes from the online community at
MSRC therefore I consider it a team effort.

Please check back occasionally for more original Recipes from me in this post.

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