Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Out and about on Planet Paradise # 1

This is possibly one of my favourite places on Planet Paradise, only a 15 mins. drive from home. It is the Lower Lliw Valley Reservoir and there is a 3km walk around it. However for those who can walk further there is a tarmac path leading to the Upper Lliw Reservoir. This was taken in Autumn but we love to go during the spring as well when the leaves and buds are sprouting.

What captured my eye most in these was the reflection in the still water. That morning there was a stillness in the air which was almost palpable, broken only by the occasional baa-ing of grazing sheep and a woof of a dog from a distant farmyard; even the birdsong didn't interrupt upon the tranquility, if anything, it added to it.

This next photo was of trickle of water running down the hillside and cutting through the pathway almost like an uninvited guest but oh! what a wonderful sight was that of our guest! It gave us a thirst to drink of it's clean coldness.

The next takes us back to the beginning of our tour-a New Year's Eve lunchtime at Caswell Bay. The air was cold and clear, cutting like a diamond cuts through steel, although it didn't deter the odd surfer.

We had to laugh when we saw these ladies. "Is this the way to the wellie department in Harrod's?" I joked with my loved one. I felt like crying out- "Laydeez, you took the wrong turning on the M4! You're heading for the Bristol Channel, not Chanel No.5!"

And the following looks as if it's taken at twilight. Lighting can be deceptive during the short days of winter - this was 1p.m. in the afternoon. Brrrrr! Hope those wets suits did the trick, unless those surfers didn't actually get into the water. It's been known to happen frequently in Poser's Paradise!

This is of Mumbles Head taken from West Cross, Planet Paradise- not on New Year's Eve in this case, but on June 21st- the longest day.

Again - the longest day. but further along the Gower Pensinsula at Worm's Head. This is at high tide but during low tide it's possible to walk across a causeway to The Worm. Many a walker has been caught by the high tide and air-lifted from there.

Finally - dusk further west at Planet Paradise. This is of Porthgain in Pembrokeshire where a 17th Century smuggler's haunt , named 'The Sloop Inn' serves the best crab sandwiches, crab salads, dressed crab, undressed crab ...oh! and the best grilled sea bass served on top of a pattie of creamed potato mixed with spring onions drizzled in a light ginger sauce. Did I mention somewhere earlier that I love food? I'm the ulimate wannabee gastronome.

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