Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Introducing 'Us'.

‘Us’ are myself and my husband of nearly 29 yrs and friend of 33 yrs, though I would guess that having the wicked sense of humour which he has, he may dispute the term ‘friend’ . The term ‘partner in occasional disharmony’ is the term which he uses as we both share the same modem but not the same PC, metaphorically speaking. However to use another euphemism, we do indeed sing from the same hymnsheet most of the time.

An addition to ‘us’ arrived over 21 yrs ago in the form of a son, who now occasionally lives on Planet Paradise but mostly on Planet Zog as they do at that age.

The two men in my life are mostly my reason for living but often , because I’m a constant butt of their jokes, being the accident–prone Person with MS which I am, they are often the reason for me wanting to dash off into the sunset of another planet.

Of course, everyone who knows me would know that I speak in jest, so here they are....

I call head of the family, silently to myself, Simon Peter, because he is the rock upon which our small family unit is built. The light of our life and fruit of our loins is nick-named Stiff by his dad though search me if I know why - I guess it’s a father and son thing so I tread warily upon such territory. We women are unwelcome guests in such a place at certain times- maybe we women don't need to go there either?

And me? No need of another mugshot

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