Monday, September 12, 2011

In remembrance - 9/11

Day 254/365: in remembrance - 9/11 by Eiona.R.
Day 254/365: in remembrance - 9/11, a photo by Eiona.R. on Flickr. [COPYRIGHT PROTECTED IMAGE]
9/11 – The Orphans.
A peck on her cheek as he left for the station,
Not knowing the fate that awaited a nation,
A kiss gently blown to a babe not yet born;
A familiar scenario each USA dawn.

A stab through her heart when she heard of the horror
On CBS News, as she felt the world cower;
For death came so swiftly right out of that sky,
To husbands and fathers, in the blink of an eye.

Today a child watches the world weep once again
As Westerners mourn for the day named 9/11.
Are pecks on the cheek and a kiss gently blown,
Sole legacies left by fathers unknown?

Can each orphan resolve the grief of a nation?
Will they be the ones to lead Man to salvation?
For the powers - that - be took their freedom away
By denying all access to what happened that day.

Will the orphans of truth seek their own retribution
For atrocities cast against their own nation?
For Truth must be there, but knowledge is spurious;
Man, mourn the fact - the Fat Cat killed the curious.

© Eiona Roberts - Published by Jasmine Books 2006

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