Sunday, November 04, 2007


According to the Wikipedia, the definition of ‘wanderlust is as follows: A strong desire to travel, or by having an itch to get out and see the world.

Therefore I admit to having a touch of the old wanderlust because no sooner was I back on Planet Paradise after spending time in Edinburgh but we i.e. ‘im ‘n me were hitting the road for a half-term break in the Cotswolds.

Life as it is, being full of fiery surprises, saw me with eyes ablaze to match the fantastic Autumn scenery surrounding us when I discovered that ‘im hadn’t packed my Golden Linseeds but had packed the Immodium Instants instead because he’d had a bit of the Delhi Belly, having been away from home himself earlier in the week.

Think ‘calm’ I thought to myself. Like hell! I was ablaze inside – this colour .....

Fortunately we were joined at GLEBE COTTAGE for two nights by Jan and Alan of WISTERIA HOUSE therefore the first day of the holiday started with the hunt for golden linseeds, not golden scenery n the Cotswolds. Well it was hissing down with rain anyway so there was little else to do. Just look at this view to prove it..

Jan, bless her, surreptitiously sloped off into a Co-Op in Moreton-on-Marsh only to emerge triumphant with the elusive linseeds, whereupon I collapsed into her arms declaring eternal love and devotion. Ok then, nothing as melodramatic as that so let’s just say that I was grateful.

Quote: The only thing to do is to hug one's friends tight and do one's job ~Edith Wharton

More photos HERE!

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