Saturday, October 06, 2007

Away again - Edinburgh

I was invited by a friend and work colleague to a week away at Edinburgh to ‘cat-sit’ whilst a family member was away….oh and not forgetting the work aspect because we continued to do this with me also being trained further into the intricacies of WOW (Work on the Web)

Well just tell me about pushing the limits of your comfort zones because this involved an 8 ½ hr train journey to Edinburgh on my lonesome and not only that but a changeover at Crewe of all places.

Of course, having a Disabled Persons Railcard helped with the cost but the fear of getting myself lost and confused at Crewe was just way too much to contemplate i.e. had it not been for a facility called Travel Assistance.

I was met at my carriage door, taken to the correct platform and was put onto the correct train without even having to handle my very heavy luggage; heavy, being not with clothes but with camera equipment and digerati type things.

Hey Viola! Here is Edinburgh in the Autumn (Princes Street gardens to be precise)

Of course those who are familiar with MY BOOK will know of my quirky SOH, therefore when the Travel Assistant put me on the train at Crew on the outgoing journey we were greeted with two husky dogs in the bicycle hold. It’s at times like ths that my mind goes into over drive.

I guess it would surprise no-one that my mind was focusing on the fact that their presence there could indicate that the train would find difficulty once climbing into the Scottish Hills and therefore they may well be called upon to take over……..

I’ll say no more abut the journey because I’m now writing my second book but suffice to say that the journey in the Quiet Zone of the train was disturbed by beer drinking young lads on their way to watch Wigan Play Liverpool FC, and a mother and toddler who’d pooped her pants (i.e. the toddler) and said mother read aloud Nursery Rhymes and Bedtime Stories for solid two hours, but none of which helped me to sleep on my own journey.

All in all though, a wonderful week in the company of a true soul sister. The photos can be viewed HERE

Ok then just one more......

Quote: The marvellous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse ~Helen Keller

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