Monday, April 23, 2007

Mrs. Bach's Rescue Remedy - Eggz 'n Beanz

Alas! Planet Paradise has been in rather a turmoil since returning from Bruges.

We've been having work done to the kitchen for weeks now but one day last week I really think I hit crisis point when I was without water and electricity, although I found myself inadvertently nicking a neighbour's bandwith from his unsecured wireless connection so found myself online when I shouldn't have been.

Being without water was the worst bit because I couldn't flush my toilet. I have an embarrasing problem occasionally in that area which meant I was forced to take a Codeine to stop me.... err.......... It totally spaced me out and I felt as if I kind of 'lost' a day out of my life. It was on this day that my kitchen was stripped bare; no sink and no cooker here any more....

The following day I was p'd off with eating takeaways and thought to myself, "Hell! my parents lived through World War 2- I'm sure I can get through this!" Huw wasn't around so once the electric was back on I cooked myself a 'gourmet' meal of scrambled eggs and Heinz Beanz in my microwave sat crossed legged on my lounge floor Shame I couldn't find the Lee & Perrins nor HP sauce but there you go...

I did however manage a 'mental health hour' during the week and nipped out to take some spring photos. Here they are...



OK so a dandelion is a weed but in truth isn't a weed simply a flower growing in the wrong place?

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