Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Bit of Frivolity

Leading on from the Laughter is the Best Medicine tome earlier in this really does the soul a bit of good to engage in frivolous conversations such as you get in the Humour Forum on the Web. It never ceases to amaze me how a one liner of a joke can lead to the following:-


My cuckoo clock is broken,
All it does is weakly shrug.
I must have wound it far too often
Or it may have caught a bug.

I really hope ‘snot woodworm,
Or I must phone Rentokil!
Oh my poor old cuckoo
Let’s hope you’re not too ill!

Until I find what ails thee,
I might stay too long in bed,
So I’m afraid my dearest cuckoo,
I’ve bought a digital clock instead!

Even more astounding is this was subsequently Published in MS Talent v 1 Pub Jasmine Books 2007 (C) Eiona Roberts.

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