Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Age of Aquarius

You'd think that DavidBaileyHuw would have the decency to 'dress' his model before flashing, or at least tell her that bra straps and vest straps are not in alignment, a typical Venus and Mars scenario eh? or is it another dawning of the age of Aquarius when it’s Jupiter which is aligned with Mars? ......and that her shorts look more akin to something out of Kylie's wardrobe than that of an ageing MSer?

This was one Friday evening July 2006 at a place called Cefn Bryn on The Gower. It is scattered with Neolithic/Bronze-age burial chambers, and other such stony pre-historic mounds, as if it had rained boulders nearly 3000 yrs BC; one in particular being the most well known, a cromlech (cairn) called King Arthur's Stone.

I suspect that the earth must have moved since we last went there or possibly Dr. Who and his sonic screwdriver had dropped in from the thundery purple sky because it certainly looks different to your typical cromlech these days-we have an old photo of a 6yr old Steff standing under it pretending to hold up the 25 ton capstone. It now looks like a heap of rubble scattered with Ronald MacDonald type detritus.

This photo is called Spot the Husband-can you see him trying to take a shot under that capstone?

This is it......

We also have a tale about that 6yr old Steff when we visited there one hot summer. There had been fires all over Gower because most of its acreage is peaty moor land and Cefn Bryn itself had been smouldering away for about two months, a bit like the late Ron Perkins with his pipe.

When we got there it was very dry but no fires i.e. until we started walking over to Arthur's Stone and someone walking ahead of us threw a cigarette butt on the peaty grass. Could the smoker have caused the path to smoke in passing? therefore could this even be the derivation of the phrase ‘passive’ smoking?

The next thing we knew was the familiar voice of a 6yr old boy crying out those all too familiar words, 'Maaammmyyyyyyyy!!! I want to wee-weeeeee!' Huw said, 'Go wee over there and put that fire out!" So he did - a bladderful, and succeeded in extinguishing the smouldering peat.

So Steff's claim to fame, for everybody has at least one, is that he prevented the whole of the Gower Peninsula from smoking itself into oblivion just by aiming his congenital genitalia and shooting!

Happy days, eh?

1st &3rd photos courtesy of Huw. Other photos courtesy of explore-gower

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