Monday, October 10, 2016

Here I stand.....

We're never too old to learn eh ?

Today I learned that filling in a PIP form was the most demoralising thing I've done in my life.

It's like spent 25 plus years of your life bumbling, stumbling and bumping into physical hurdles. During those years you develop a way of getting around those hurdles, physically and emotionally. Somehow in the process, you  magic all the negatives  into positives. Hey presto, the next thing you know is that you've surrounded yourself in so many rainbow layers of positivity that you feel pretty good about life in general. Right ? Agreed ? Oh yeah! You're floating.  Bobbing up and down rhythmically on a wave of emotional stability just like this buoy in the water. Sunshiny.


Cunning as ever though, that old, very old, age old Master of Surprises  still has you in his grips and when the time comes to fill in that form, or should I say booklet ? (seeing as there's a whole 40 pages of it) you find yourself peeling off each comforting rainbow coloured layer, in the same way as your mam used to unpick and unravel the yarn in the rainbow coloured sweater she knitted for you  - there you stand stripped down naked  to the core of  whichever tangible 'working bits' are still intact.  

Here I stand naked in the truth of my being........

Boy or buoy indeed!

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