Friday, June 24, 2011

A Return to Bruges

Night falls over Bruges [EXPLORED # 102 on 4/06/11] by Eiona.R.

Night falls over Bruges [EXPLORED # 102 on 4/06/11], a photo by Eiona.R. on Flickr [THIS IMAGE IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED]

Not an easy blog entry to make . I'll try to explain........I was stood in Clinton's Cards, Oxford Street, Swansea looking at the 60th birthday cards, thinking to myself, "But I don't feel old enough to be buying a 60th birthday card for my husband." Not the usual upbeat quirky thoughts you'd expect from me. Anyway I bought the card,bought the pressie and a week later departed for Bruges to celebrate Huw's 60th birthday.

There's so much to write about the wonderful time we had but for now a cameo in pictures or the alternative quirky account here

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