Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stop, Look, Listen

As a wannabee amateur photographer, I've learned to stop a lot and look to see what is around me. A thought occurred to me though - how many in these stress-riddled days, take the time to listen and absorb the sounds; the sounds of nature in particular?

Take this photo for example. It's a beautiful scene as you can see; you can almost imagine the tranquility but you can't really get the whole essence without hearing the gentle sounds of sheep bleating; the occasional bark from a farm dog; the birdsong, and even voices of walkers the other side of the lake.

One thing we try to teach little chidren in schools and even in places such as Tourist Centres is the touch, feel, smell and sounds of various things. I wish I'd set my camera to movie mode. Another time....

"Shhhhhh! Come here!
   Hold my hand.
    Close your eyes.
What do you hear?
"I hear silence. Nothing.
I hear your heart beating."
"How?" saith I.
"I just can," saith he.


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