Saturday, June 23, 2007

Salmon Chanted Evening

I love faffing with recipes as well as photographing food. Here's one I created a few weeks back. From a photography perspective I think I should have used a darker plate, nevertheless it sure tasted droolishous.

4 asparagus tips
strips of smoked salmon
french cream cheese
rocket and spinach salad

Steam asparagus for a mere 3 or 4 mins
Wrap the smoked salmon around each tip
Decorate with a bed of the rocket and salmon salad tossed in garlic flavoured olive oil
Also present with a dollop of the cream cheese.

Use as a starter or a light meal

And don't you love the SoH of one friend who suggested that upside-down it looked like a lady with four legs dancing in a hula-hula skirt????

Feel free to view more food photos HERE! some of which have been featured in a recipe book of mine and the odd one or two in New Pathways Magazine and various other places.


Milo (sharon) said...

Eiona, Is there no end to your tallent? you clever sole...!
look's Yummy x

FGS said...

Talent? Nope! Just a Jack of all trades and Master of none ;0)

Try it though it really is Yummy!