Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Books, Cinemas and Stuff

This is Waterstones Bookshop in Swansea City Centre. It exists inside the housing of the old Carlton Cinema, one of many old cinemas to have escaped the humiliation and indignity of being turned into a Bingo Hall; it’s also a ‘listed building’.

Waterstones also houses art exhibitions on the floors behind that huge window. It can be a multifactorial experience when visiting; books and art! Duw! Duw! I feel as I'm getting in touch with a higher 'being', just being high up in there.

The Carlton, with its double seats for courting couples in the back, is where Huw took me on one of our very first ‘dates’. Huw the Rock must have some kind of sadistic streak beneath that tender heart because one of the first films he took me to see was Ben Hur- all 4 hrs of it (Yawns!) It was before Dolby Surround Sound came into existence but by hell could you feel those seats vibrate with all that chariot fighting; we also felt as if we were in a fast and furious passion wagon without the joy of ............

I was in Waterstones a few weeks ago browsing; only doing so because I love books so much that I end up buying too many and have difficulty carrying them home;I take a peek, well Ok then sit down and read a few paras then buy online when I get home.

A 90yr old woman approached me – well, I say 90 because she looked older than me anyway judging by the wrinkles. Yes OK, so I too have wrinkles but there are ‘wrinkles’ and ‘wrinkles’ aren’t there?

She asked me, 'D'you know anything about books?' I felt like replying, 'Do you have enough of your lifetime ahead of you left to listen?' but instead sweetly (yes I can do 'sweet' when it suits ) replied, 'What are you looking for?' wondering whether indeed I looked like a shop assistant with my walking stick and £150+ Goretex waterproof jacket.

The woman replied, "I'm looking for romance," ……and you really have to keep a straight face at times, don't you? I felt like telling her when the next Derby & Joan club meeting was on, but you can’t, can you?

My mind went totally bank, devoid of authors names but there was a display of Catrin Collier books behind me-an Anglo-Welsh writer. I picked one up and said, “Read the blurb on the back of this, see if you like it”.

“But I don't have my reading specs,” I handed her mine ... “Try these!"

"No, bach- just tell me the price on the back"


This was followed by a ‘Holy Mother of Gaia, Jehovah, Vishnu and the Buddha!!’ look because it was too expensive, I guess. I suggested she try looking in one of the charity shops

Talking of which, “Stop me and buy ONE?” Please? Pretty Please?


efb said...

I have already bought one... or, if I am to be exact, I have paid for one.

The first film I saw with a 'boyfriend' was Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee.

It was the b/f's choice; I paid for my own ticket; spent most of the time fighting him off (I had paid so I was going to watch it...), but never saw the end as his mummy expected him home by 10:30.

He didn't last. Give me a good book anyday.

Does anyone know how Enter the Dragon ends?

FGS said...

Indeed you have efb - you are my first 'customer', though one would query whose claim to fame it is; yours or mine?

Enter the Dragon? I forget......