Friday, March 17, 2006

A Taste of Planet Paradise #1



8 oz. self – raising flour
4 oz. margerine
3 oz. caster sugar
3 ozs. currants
pinch of mixed spice
2 tablespoons milk
large knob of lard or Cookeen


Rub the margarine, flour, caster sugar & mixed spice together into a fine mixture.
Add the currants.
Add milk and knead into “dough”
Roll this out into a layer about 1cm thick.
Cut out into shapes using pastry cutter.

Dash out to the nearest cookware shop to buy a flat thick iron bakestone or griddle - not the ridged ones. After recovery from hernia operation dig out an old heavy bottomed frying pan or the like, to use instead.

Heat the bakestone on a moderate heat then add small knob of lard (puke!)
Place as many welshcakes as you can onto the cooking vessel and cook on either side for about 5 mins. Keep repeating this until all the dough is used or the legs are totally done for.

Sprinkle with caster sugar and leave to cool.

Depends on the size of the pastry cutters this should make about 2 doz. I always double the amount and put some in the freezer for when uninvited guests pop in.

HEALTH WARNINGS: Do not eat if on The Best Bet Diet

Also keep some antacids or pantoprazole at the ready if anyone suffers heartburn or ulcers. Otherwise - enjoy!



efb said...

Please miss - if you bring some to the zoo, I'll bring the butter and jam.

FGS said...

Butter is rather good but jam is sacrilege.Nevertheless-you're on!Prepare to get stuffed!


Popplestone said...

Nah - sacrilege is when you DUNK 'em!

Now where's my tea.....

FGS said...

Each to his own bach, but yes I must admit that dunking is deffo a 'don't-do'.

Popplestone said...

Oooo - you sound just like my Mam!

*dunk....dunk...dunkity...dunk dunk*

efb said...

Clotted they go well with clotted cream?

I'm thinking that this could be an opportunity to unite the 4 nations...Welsh cakes...Irish unsalted butter...English (Devon) clotted cream and Scottish raspberry jam...

FGS said...

Eeek! I do believe that Popplestone has committed the heinous crime of dunking with little regard to my previous warning.

I'll have you know that this is not the good ole US of A where dinkie donuts are deliriously dunked in sickly sweet droolishous ....err wotever.

I must admit that efb's concept is rather droolishously appealing but feel that a feasablity study should be examined first and that a risk assessment should started asap.

I'm all for uniting the nations as long as you remember that the heathens aka 'non-Welsh' were beaten by us in the Great Grand Slam Victory of 2005 and therefore seek revenge over everyone especially the French....just because.

Popplestone said...

*crooning softly to the tune of Amazing Grace*